Through a Ascentium Capital, A. Phelps Petroleum can Help You Finance Your Equipment.

Ascentium Capital is the leading probider of equipment financing and leasing to the retail and commercial petroleum industry. Ascentium Capital finances virtually all retail and commercial petroleum equipment. their industry knowledge and customer focus ensures financial solutions that meet your needs and help your business.

Benefits of Financing

100% Financing: Traditional methods of financing usually do not include "soft costs" such as installation, service contracts, and freight. Our lease transactions include all of these, allowing you to finance 100% of the total project costs.

Conservation of Captial: Because of the sizable cash outlay involved in purchasing POS End-Of-Life and PCI-Compliant equipment, many distributors and dealers are leasing to conserve capital.

No Liens On Land: Ascentium Capital does not place liens, 2nd mortgages, or blanket liens. The equipment acts as the collateral. You retain ownership of your land and business