40 Years in the Making

A Phelps Petroleum, with over 40 years of expertise, was based on the concept that outstanding connections, trust, and superior quality generate the finest outcome.

A shared commitment to quality is at the heart of every successful business. By accepting higher excellence, our workers produce better-quality solutions, winning our client’s trust.

Justin Phelps, President & CEO


Our employees are our greatest asset. To better serve our clients and trade partners’ project demands, A Phelps Petroleum’s specialized pre-construction analysis department assembles the necessary experts with knowledge of costs and processes in certain markets.


A Phelps Petroleum offers market-specific information on pricing, system alternatives, comparison analysis, sustainable materials and techniques, design coordination, and building means/methods construct-ability, all while employing A Phelps’ proven innovative tools and processes.


A Phelps Petroleum was formed with the concept that outstanding connections, trust, and superior craftsmanship produce the finest product. By upholding a higher standard of excellence, our employees produce solutions of a better caliber, winning our client’s trust.

Our Brand Partners

A Phelps Petroleum has provided high-quality work to clients in the area since [year]. Look at the videos below to learn more about our equipment & services.

  • Veeder-Root EMR4 Electronic Meter Register
  • Combat corrosion of in-sump equipment
  • Virtual Siphon Feature